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Land codes are codes that have been used to control certain kinds of land or property.These land codes are sometimes referred to as land use regulations.You may be able to use the land codes on your land or to your property as part of your deed or easement agreement.If you are a real estate agent,…

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Land codes are codes that have been used to control certain kinds of land or property.

These land codes are sometimes referred to as land use regulations.

You may be able to use the land codes on your land or to your property as part of your deed or easement agreement.

If you are a real estate agent, you may also be able, as an extension of your legal duties, to use land codes to help you navigate your property.

To learn more about how land codes work, read Real Estate and Land Codes.

For example, if you have a plot of land that you wish to use for a business, you can use the rblX land codes for your property and the land use codes for the business’s business.

You can also use land code codes to limit how much or how little your business can be on your property without a permit.

Some states, such as California and Washington, have adopted land code restrictions for business operations.

Land codes in some cities also allow businesses to have certain limits on their own use of property.

For more information about land codes in your area, visit the land code website at

For information about how to find and apply for land codes and the laws that govern them, see the Land Code website at

You should contact your local land code authority in your state to learn more.

Land Codes, Real Estate Codes, and Real Estate Transactions The following information is provided to explain how real estate transactions are structured in some of the land-use codes in the United States.

Each land code has its own rules and procedures that govern how real property owners and property owners can use and manage their property.

You will find detailed instructions on how to use and register real property in the land law codes in each land code.

These rules and regulations are governed by the Uniform Land Use Policy Act (U.S. Code § 632(b)(4)).

For more specific information on the laws governing land use and real estate in your county, go to the land laws website at the United State Government.

Land Code Land Codes and Real Property Transactions in the South and West The following are the land boundaries and codes for some of our land areas in the southern half of the United Sates.

These codes are administered by the Bureau of Land Management.

See the land and water sections of this publication for more information.

County Code Code Code Area Code South and Central Alabama (AL) 1-7-1 1-5-6 Alameda (CA) 1,000-1-1 0-7 CA 4-8-2 0-8 Central Arkansas (AR) 810-1 9-8 Cache County (UT) 880-1 10-3 Clark County (NV) 820-1 11-2 Caddo (OK) 890-1 12-3 Clay County (MS) 918-1 13-5 Coosa County (TX) 930-1 14-3 Columbia (SC) 940-1 15-4 Craig County (NC) 830-2 16-2 Curry County (OK)(UT) 928-1 17-4 Custer County (NE) 932-1 18-5 Crook County (CO) 926-1 19-2 Davidson County (SC)(OK) 941-1 20-3 DeKalb County (TN) 933-2 21-2 Dothan (AL)(OK)(TX) 886-1 22-3 El Paso (TX)(TX)(FL) 862-1 23-3 Evans County (OH) 893-1 24-3 Franklin County (GA) 925-1 25-3 Fulton County (VA) 823-1 26-2 Gwinnett County (AL)|(AL)(OH) 904-1 27-3 Greenville County (AR)(AL)(TN) 889-1 28-3 Greensboro-High Point (NC)|(NC) 685-1 29-3 Harrison County (NY) 912-1 30-3 Harris County (PA) 905-1 31-3 Howard County (CA)(PA)(NC) 725-2 32-4 Henry County (KY) 917-1 33-4 Huntington (SC)|(SC) 895-1 34-4 Huntsville (AL|WA) 728-2 35-4 Jackson County (MO)|(MO)|WA 741-2 36-4 Johnson County (AK)|(AK)|WA 907-1 37-4 Johnston County (IA)|(IA)|WY 724-2 38-4 Jones County (KS)|(KS)|WV|WA 903-1 39-4 Kootenai County (WA) 872-1 40-4 Laclede County (MI)|(MI)|MI

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