How to clear the streets of New Jersey’s gangs

How do you clear a street of gangs?Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting rid of them.1.Use a police officer to get people to move away from the street.2.Take a bus.3.Get your kids to take a bus, walk or bike to school or work.4.Take the subway.5.Take public transportation.6.Walk or bike through a park.7.Call 911.8.Go to the…

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How do you clear a street of gangs?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting rid of them.1.

Use a police officer to get people to move away from the street.2.

Take a bus.3.

Get your kids to take a bus, walk or bike to school or work.4.

Take the subway.5.

Take public transportation.6.

Walk or bike through a park.7.

Call 911.8.

Go to the post office to pick up mail.9.

Get the help of a local crisis center.10.

Call a local news outlet.11.

Call the National Alliance on Mental Illness.12.

Call your local sheriff’s office.13.

Call for help from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.14.

Get a restraining order against the person(s) or persons(s), or persons with whom you are dealing.15.

Get an arrest warrant against the persons(es) or other persons(ies).16.

Call local authorities.17.

Bring your police report to the police department or sheriff’s department to verify the information.18.

Contact the local police department.19.

Find out what to do if you have a restraining or arrest warrant.20.

If you live near a police station, get your own police officer.21.

Find a lawyer.22.

Call to talk to your attorney about the law, legal issues and the procedure for filing a lawsuit.23.

Read a law review article about the process of getting a restraining, arrest or protective order.24.

Get help from a mental health professional if you need help.25.

Call police if you see something suspicious, like someone urinating or sneezing.26.

Get out of the area and call 911.27.

Take your kids out of school.28.

Get some supplies, including toilet paper, tampons, baby wipes and water.29.

Talk to a friend or neighbor about the situation.30.

Call or text 911 to report suspicious activity.31.

Report suspicious activities to the local authorities or police department if you suspect a crime is taking place.32.

Call if you are concerned about someone being abducted.33.

Get assistance if you know someone is in trouble.34.

Call an emergency shelter or a police department for help.35.

Get to a safe place to call 911 and get help.36.

Get on a boat.37.

Get medical help if you or someone you know needs medical attention.38.

Call emergency services if you think your car or other vehicle has been broken into.39.

Call with your name, address and phone number if you feel you need someone to talk with.40.

Get emergency help if someone threatens you or your property.41.

Call any local law enforcement agency if you don’t have enough money or help to pay your bills.42.

Call in a complaint about a person or activity that has been reported to the authorities.43.

Call on social media to report the situation and ask for help with the situation if you want.44.

Contact your local news media if you do not know the location of a crime.45.

Call our hotline if you cannot reach us or if you hear from someone that you think may be the person or persons responsible.46.

Call us if you would like to speak with someone in an emergency.47.

Call Crime Stoppers if you believe someone you think might be responsible for a crime or other trouble is in your neighborhood.48.

Contact local police if there are signs or people that seem suspicious.49.

Get more information about how to report a crime and what you can do if it happens to you.50.

Call 877-TIP-LAW (8477) for tips and information about domestic violence, child abuse, child endangerment and other violent crimes.

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