What we know about the moon landing hoax

By Peter Rizzo and Simon Denyer – BBC News, Paris This story has been updated to include new information about the fake moon landing.1:06 GMT Moon landing hoax claims are false Moon landings are the most famous hoax in history, but the real-life story of the fake one is the most intriguing.In this case, the…

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By Peter Rizzo and Simon Denyer – BBC News, Paris This story has been updated to include new information about the fake moon landing.

1:06 GMT Moon landing hoax claims are false Moon landings are the most famous hoax in history, but the real-life story of the fake one is the most intriguing.

In this case, the fake was set to be filmed and then aired by a satellite channel called Moon TV.

But when the BBC’s moon TV crew visited the site in 2011, the footage was lost.

So the BBC sent a second crew to look for it.

They didn’t find it until the day after the fake aired.

A few days later, the BBC aired a second fake, this time showing the moon in lunar orbit.

It was the first time that the fake had been aired.

In it, a satellite was being launched into space, and then the Moon was visible.

This was the real moon.

It’s now believed that the moon landings were faked, and that the original footage was taken by the BBC crew, who were in a remote location and had to take their time.

This story is based on research by BBC News correspondent Peter Razzo and the BBC News website’s science team, who have also provided additional information.

The fake The fake, made by the moon TV team, was filmed by a member of the moon team and broadcast on the BBC in 2011.

This footage was deleted from Moon TV’s website shortly after it was broadcast, but it resurfaced in an online discussion forum.

Here’s how it happened: In 2011, Moon TV was one of the many satellite channels that would be launched into orbit by the US government to make sure the moon was visible from Earth.

The satellite was called the International Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

This spacecraft was to be operated by a US firm called the United Launch Alliance (ULA).

It was to fly at the same altitude as the Moon, and would photograph the Moon from its surface.

The United Launch team planned to use this technology to make a satellite that could detect Earth’s magnetic field, which could help it to understand the magnetic field on Mars.

In the past, this technology has been used by companies such as Lockheed Martin and Lockheed Martin Space Systems to produce satellites that are able to make measurements of Earth’s surface.

But in 2011 the United States government wanted the US Space Surveillance Agency (USSSA) to take a look at the potential technology.

So, a team of scientists led by Dr Daniel Ewen, of the University of Manchester, headed up a study that was conducted at the Universities of Reading and Leicester universities.

This study was done using data from the USSSA’s Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft.

The data was used to create an algorithm to predict the magnetic properties of the Moon.

They came up with a prediction that indicated that the Moon’s magnetic fields would be stronger than those of Earth.

It turned out that the prediction was based on measurements taken by a robotic satellite that had just taken pictures of the Earth’s magnetosphere.

In order to verify this prediction, the scientists looked at data taken by two different robots that had previously taken similar pictures of Earth, which showed that their measurements were not different.

So this team looked at more than a thousand measurements taken during a single mission.

These measurements showed that the magnetic fields of the moons are the same.

But they also showed that Earth’s field lines were not, so the team said they were not confident that the Earth was a magnetic field.

In fact, it was very possible that the solar system’s magnetic lines were different from Earth’s.

It also turned out the Moon is a disk, not a sphere.

That means that its magnetic field lines could be moving, and it could also be a sphere, and a large amount of other things.

The researchers did not make any claims about the magnetic orientation of the lunar surface, or the existence of a disk of the surface.

They also said that the data showed that there was no evidence of magnetic fields on the Moon other than on the surface of the satellite.

So there was nothing to suggest that there were magnetic fields there.

And it turned out, they didn’t have any evidence to suggest the Earth had any magnetic fields at all.

In reality, the team had already shown that the Sun does not have magnetic fields, so this was a totally false prediction.

But the scientists didn’t stop there.

They went on to make claims about what would happen if the satellite did land on the lunar disk.

They said that they could use this information to create a fake moon, that was similar to the fake, but with a different spin.

It would look like a flat disk.

It could have a flat edge and a flat top, and this would look really fake, because it would look the same as the real thing.

This fake moon would have an outer ring of water, and the moon would be in the middle of it.

The scientists also made claims about other things, such as

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