Why is it so hard to build a healthy town?

Land surveyor and lunch lady Karen O’Connor was forced to stop her career when her husband died.Now she’s been left with a £4,000 bill for an expensive house.Land surveyors and lunch ladies are becoming a growing demographic, and it’s time they started paying more for their homes to protect the local environment.1 / 19 AFP/Getty…

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Land surveyor and lunch lady Karen O’Connor was forced to stop her career when her husband died.

Now she’s been left with a £4,000 bill for an expensive house.

Land surveyors and lunch ladies are becoming a growing demographic, and it’s time they started paying more for their homes to protect the local environment.

1 / 19 AFP/Getty Images 2/19 The Greening of the Land surveyer article Surveys are now more common in towns and cities around the world, and their effects are clear: people want their land protected.

But the vast majority of surveyors don’t realise the environmental costs they’re imposing on the environment.

Some don’t even know they’re doing it.

In the UK alone, around 5,000 surveyors work in the land survey industry.

Surveys require a lot of time and money, but many aren’t paid enough to keep up with demand.

And a surveyor’s job is often paid less than a surveyee’s.

But what if you could pay a surveyeer to spend their time and their money building better homes?

Land surveyrs and lunch-lady surveyors are becoming more common as their numbers continue to rise.

3/19 Land Surveyors and the UK’s Greening Land surveyers are now being hired to build more homes, but only around a third are being paid enough, or are even aware they are being hired.

And many are worried they’ll be underpaid.

The Government wants to make it easier for people to become land surveyors, so that more people can take on the role.

But how can we pay people enough to build good homes?

4/19 Why Land Surveying is being pushed to the margins of the economy Land surveying is not new.

But with the rise of digital tools and social media, it’s being pushed as an unnecessary occupation.

A surveyor is now more likely to be on the phone, or at the local pub or restaurant, than in their office.

Land surveys can be more expensive to set up than other jobs, but surveys are a crucial part of the UK economy.

In addition, there are no national regulations about surveyors in the UK.

So while the industry is growing, it is slowly but surely being pushed out of the spotlight.

5/19 What are surveyors paid?

Surveyors are paid £9,000-a-year (€10,000) in the United Kingdom.

This is the national average, but is much higher in some areas.

In Scotland, surveyors receive a total of around £20,000 a year (€24,000), while surveyors employed in Wales and Northern Ireland make an average of £22,000 (€26,000).

But the real pay is much lower in some parts of the country.

For example, in Yorkshire, surveyor salaries are £7,000, while in the North East of England they’re £3,500.

6/19 How much do land surveyants earn?

Surveyor pay varies depending on the area they work in, and whether they’re part of a voluntary survey or a government-sponsored survey.

The minimum pay for a survey is around £2,000.

Surveyors can earn more if they are part of an enterprise that collects data from buildings, roads, and water resources.

But surveyors can also earn up to £20 a week if they work as part of survey teams or as part-time contractors.

There are also allowances for health and dental costs.

7/19 Are land survey workers paid fairly?

Land surveys are now the norm, but the industry has faced criticism in the past for its high pay and poor working conditions.

The National Survey of Surveyors (NSOS) says that the industry’s standard of living has been “dramatically undermined” by high levels of turnover and reduced turnover levels.

While it’s a difficult problem to solve, the surveyors union says that it’s working with the government to find solutions.

8/19 Do surveyors get paid enough?

In some areas, land surveyers earn more than surveyors working in other professions.

For instance, surveyoring can be a highly-skilled job, with an average salary of over £30,000 in the South West.

Surveors working on roads can earn even more.

But this is often a very low-paid job and often has to be moved out of areas where surveyors aren’t needed.

9/19 Can land survey work in a recession?

Surveyoring can help in a time of economic downturn.

But some experts argue that a surveyors salary may not be enough to support a family in the event of a severe economic downturn, or even in the short term.

10/19 Does a land survey job pay well?


Land surveying is one of the most recognised professions in the country, with surveys often being commissioned by the government and paid for out of public funds.

The surveyors’ union has said it

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