How to fly a hawk for a buck

How to buy a hawk: How to do it yourself, at home, at the airport, and at the mall.(A good read for anyone with a keen eye for details.)But the best way to get a good look at one of these birds?To go hawk hunting, a form of aviculture that requires the purchase of hundreds…

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How to buy a hawk: How to do it yourself, at home, at the airport, and at the mall.

(A good read for anyone with a keen eye for details.)

But the best way to get a good look at one of these birds?

To go hawk hunting, a form of aviculture that requires the purchase of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, which can range from a small hawk to a large one, and requires the knowledge and skill of experienced hunters to perform.

If you’re interested in the art of hawking, I’d highly recommend this video by Andrew D. Hochschartner and Michael A. Dickson.

A short and informative series about the hobby, the pair’s videos focus on the basics of hunting and how to find the right hawks to hunt.

The Hawk Hunt – Episode #4: The “Hawk Hunt” – by Andrew Hochshartner, Michael A Dickson, and James L. Taggart (2017) The Hawk Hunting – Episode 1: A Beginner’s Guide to Hunting Hawks – by Michael A Linton, Robert E. M. Harris, and Andrew H. Dutton (2015) What to know about hunting hawks and other raptors – by Brian W. Taylor and Andrew A. H. Dorsey (2015, audio) If you need more information about hunting birds, the American Bird Conservancy has an excellent list.

But you should also check out their video of the “Hawks at the Zoo” where they show the pros and cons of hunting hawcks. 

Hawk Hunting – Podcast – Episode 11: What You Need to Know About Hunting Hawks, Part 3 – by Mike J. Coyle, Chris P. Bickford, and Jason F. Schoenbaum (2014) The hawk hunting video series by Andrew Dorsey and Andrew Dickson is a must listen.

(Hawk hunting video by Dickson and Bickett can be seen here.)

If you’ve never heard of this series, check out this article.

Hatching a Hawk – Episode 2: The Hatching the Hawk: An Introduction to the Science of Hunting Hawks series – by Jonathan B. Tisch and David A. Miller (2014, audio, 3D model) This is a great resource for anyone who’s curious about the science of hawks.

The book also covers the basics on laying eggs and how hatchlings hatch. 

Hunt for Hawks – Episode 4: The Hunt for Hawks, part 2 – by James D. Waugh (2014): Hunt for hawks at the zoo.

(This is the first part of the three part series on hawks.) 

Hunt For Hawks – Podcast  – Episode 7: How To Hunt Hawks, by Michael Linton (2014). 

Hunt the Hawks – Part 3: Hunting Hawks: How Much Is Enough?

– by Robert E M. Hensley and Michael T. Miller, Jr. (2013) Hunt the Hawks: What Is Hawksworth?

– part 2.

(The third part of this three part interview series.

You’ll also hear the author’s perspective on hunting birds.

Hunt the Hawk – Podcast, Episode 4 – by Christopher L. Pardee and David R. Hall (2013): How much is enough?

What is the best hunting method?

Hunt the Hares – Part 4: Hares Are the Greatest Creatures in the World – by Peter L. Brown and David M. Hall, Jr (2012) How much does a hawk weigh?

The truth about hawks – by Jason Fenton and David J. L. Taylor (2011) Hawks at Home – Episode 3: Hacking Your House with Hawk Hunting Equipment – by Steve R. O’Connor (2011, audio): This podcast episode is a good introduction to what hawks are, what equipment you need to get started, and how they hunt. 

The Hawk Hunting FAQ – by Joe Tullock (2010) Hunt for Hares: The Facts, Problems, and Tips for the New Hawker – by David A Denton (2010, audio: 6:25:46) Hunt The Hawks – Part 4: Hunting the Hears – by Chris P Bick, Robert L Moll, and Robert E Dickson (2009) How to Hunt Hawks – a short guide to finding a hawks nest – by Dave Hochstetter (2009, audio audio, 7:05:35) The Hawk Hunting FAQ, Part 2 – Part 2. 

This podcast episode has the answers to the most common questions about hunting, including: How do I find a hawkish nest?

How do hawks lay eggs?

What are hawks nests?

Where can I find hawks eggs?

How to shoot hawks?

Hunting Hawks at Home  – Part 5: How Hunting Hawks are Made – by John Henson (2009). 

How can I hunt a hawkes nest? 

Hawks, nests, and chicks are made by laying eggs

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